Lost sight Couldn’t see When it was you and me Blow the candles out Looks like a solo tonight I’m beginning to see the light

I came to win, to survive…

I’m not a girl that can ever be defined

I’m not ready for a new last name…

I ain’t ready for a new last name I don’t wanna be nobody’s ball and chain A reason for a Friday night poker game I don’t wanna be another desperate housewife Doing dirty laundry on a Saturday night I don’t wanna be somebody’s : “Baby, bring me another Bud light” Whatever!

Baby, are you a firework?

“I loved you grey sweat pants, no makeup, so perfect Our love was, comfortable and so broken in she’s perfect, so flawless I’m not impressed, I want you back.” As my girlfriend and I were cruising back from another hazy, yet tan-fulfilled beach day, she regaled stories about her relationship with her boyfriend.  Her giggles … Continue reading

I Remember Me

In this life anything can hurt you Push you, then forget you Erase your history But I remember me, I remember me

Like a Skyscraper

You can take everything I have You can break everything I am Like I’m made of glass Like I’m made of paper Go on a try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground Like a skyscraper

I found the good in goodbye

Thank God you blew it Thank God I dodged the bullet I’m so over you You turned out to be the best thing I never had And I’ll never be the best thing you never had