The simplicity of numbers can transform with ease into a symbolic pattern of love, memory or nostalgia.  Dates in their simplest form are just numbers, but when paired with the intricate workings of the heart, those numbers take on a beautiful pattern of meaning.

I had a date in my mind.  A specific date for a very specific purpose.  1.3.14

It seemed like a triumphant tale of love.  A fairytale.  Sometimes in life, we wish so hard and hope for so long about the dream of a fairytale that we forget to look at reality.  The reality is that all fairytales are just beautiful dreams and that all it takes is the pain of a pinch to rouse in the delicate slumber that is a dream.

I was pinched and awaken from my dream.  And I guess I feel ashamed because I really believed in the potential of such a beautiful tale.  I believed in those silly numbers and most of all I believed in my heart.  I believed in love this time.  I believed that this time was different.  I believed in the wonderful possibility of wearing a crown and being a princess, if just for one day.

Sometimes in life, our hearts let us down, our dreams shake us back to reality and love pinches our hearts.  And sometimes, as painful as it is and as much as it kills our souls, a number is just a number and the meaning is gone.


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