All I know.

I’ve been staring at these application questions for hours.  And they just stare right back, waiting for a response or a nudge that will signify I’m alive and full of capable answers to spark the beginning of my future.  Only, I’m not.  I’m frustrated, I’m tired and I’m slowly running out of energy to deal with the monotony of my current situation.

“What do you hope to accomplish as a journalist?”  What if I don’t really have an answer to that?  “Who or what inspired you to become a journalist?”  What if no one did?  What if it’s the first thing I’ve found in my life that just fit, like the perfect puzzle piece?

I can’t pinpoint the day I fell in love with writing but what I believe in leaps and bounds is that writing tumbled into my life and found me.  I have no specific person for whom I can credit my love of writing, nor can I say a particular event pushed me to put pen to paper and face the emptiness of the faint blue lines.  All I know is I love it.

I’ve never thought about particular goals or accomplishments I want to reach in the field of journalism.  I always believed I would feel accomplished in simply saying I found a journalism job, that I was part of the beautiful field of prose.

In my eyes, that blank paper parallels the possibilities of journalism.  The possibilitiy for accomplishments is endless and limitless.  When you love something with such fierce passion, you believe in the possibility of every beautiful scenario.  To limit oneself by hoping for one accomplishment takes away the beauty of living out one’s dreams and the hope for shooting for every star.

All I know is that the expression of words gives me light and hope in the darkest of times.  All I know is that writing fits me so perfectly and provides me with the most calming hand to hold in the shakiest of times. 

All I know is that a blank piece of paper, or computer screen, is limitless and my only hope is to fill it with the beauty of my own thoughts.

2 Responses to “All I know.”
  1. Raphael Bluewolf says:

    yes very true ! .. nothing is better than loving something just for what it is !.
    i was wondering since u r a professional writer if u write anywhere else this blog ?! .. I mean stories, poems.. anything like that ? I really love to read something u wrote in those fields.
    thank u 😉

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