My journey has been a lesson. I’ve learned:

How to depend on no one but myself.

How to find my own path to happiness.

How to seek the truth and find it, rather than settling for a lie.

How to find beauty in the dark times and appreciate the climb.

How to believe in the beauty and grace of love.

How to find security in the insecurity of dark days.

How to believe that everything happens for a reason.

How to enjoy the here and now and forget tomorrow.

How to walk away when the time comes.

How to strive for something more and forget settling for what’s easy.

How to forgive for my own soul.

How to accept that some people may be here for a season and others for a lifetime.

How to discern lifelong from fair-weather friends.

How to see the entire picture, rather than focusing on one piece of the puzzle.

How to smile when my heart is breaking.

How to believe in something greater and imagine a brighter day.

How to smile… with my soul.

How to be open to: new days, new friends and a new me.

How to be humble and admit mistakes.

How to throw a punch but maintain a soft heart.

How to remember me.

How to feel OK in this skin.

How to value those that bring light into my life.

How to forgive those that don’t.

How to never sacrifice who I am, even if I don’t embody the current trend.

How much I love making my own money.

How to still believe in fairy tales, but accept reality.

How to tell a story.

How to love someone without leaning.

How to accept loss as a step closer to my next win

How to believe that Cinderella wasn’t just a fable, that Mr. Big really does exist and that Prince Charming isn’t just a myth.

How to remember that life isn’t set in stone and nothing is guaranteed.

How to create my own beautiful path.

How to overcome more than I thought possible with less than I expected to have.

How to have a full heart, carry myself with grace and believe in every possibility of tomorrow.

How to believe that if God brings me to it, He’ll get me through it.

How to budget myself, but never my beliefs.

How to ignore the rear-view mirror and look ahead to the beauty of the unknown.

How to appreciate my scars as reminders of growth and hope.

How to be brave, how to fight, how to survive.

How to accept the chaos and transformation of life, and maybe even revel in it.

How to believe in butterflies.

How  to accept the many and ongoing re-writes of my life story and how to add new chapters to the narrative.

How to be me. And love me.

How to remember that life isn’t a race, it’s a novel.  It has pages of moments and memories, descriptions of lovers, friends and glittering specks in time.  And I’ve only made it through the first few chapters… maybe the best is yet to come.


2 Responses to “My journey has been a lesson. I’ve learned:”
  1. yep ! that’s the essence of all the wisdoms in this word !… very nice picture,too 😉

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