Three Chapters

Every love story begins with three simple words: I love you.  Every love story has three chapters: a beginning, a middle and an ending.  And although most love stories follow nature’s sequence of chapters, I’m still surprised our love story didn’t last forever. 

Things happen, people change and a split-second decision can forever alter the plot of a life’s story.  This week, I made a decision that will forever change the fabric of my story — for better or for worse.  Sometimes I wonder what path I’m supposed to be taking and other times I wonder if maybe our love story didn’t have an ending, just a brief intermission, a small pause for personal growth and discovery.  I know that the last two years changed my life and pushed me to grow.  When you find yourself at the bottom rung, you have no choice but to dust yourself off and start climbing, bruises and all, toward a new light, a different story. And that’s just what I did.  Sometimes it’s hard not to look over your shoulder and stare in the face of your past, but maybe it’s the face of the future that holds the most beauty.  Maybe it’s tomorrow that holds the most promise and maybe we have to wait out the storm for a chance at sunshine.

I don’t know what my tomorrow holds or if our love story will ever pick up where it left off, but I do know I had today.  And it was beautiful.

“Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today. I’ll always remember it.”

—  One Day

2 Responses to “Three Chapters”
  1. wow! i really loved how u start this post and how u made from a small thought a very creative article !
    thank u 😉

  2. i loved this. we never really know where our stories lead, where they end and how they will start until, much later, we realise that one touch, one glimpse is enough to strart a story. this brought so many thoughts and so many memories to me. xx

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