“Sometimes only beauty can be trusted”

“I crossed the street to walk in the sunshine.” –Elizabeth Gilbert

March 7, 2010: A day that will forever save a place in my memory.  I remember the incessant tears, the cries for help and the wails of the ambulance as I headed to the hospital, headed to my salvation and the beginning of a new life.  My new life may not be without blemishes and mishaps, but it is void of abuse, cruelty, lies and disillusionment and for that I am very thankful. 

While it has not been 365 days just yet, March 7 fell on this very Sunday last year.  But today, the tears are gone, the scars fading and my smile is finding a permanent home on my face once again.  I spent the day the very best way I knew how: with an amazing friend in the surroundings of pure beauty.  We made a much-needed trip to one of our favorite spots, The Cleveland Botanical Garden, where they are currently holding a breathtaking orchid show.  I was in my glory as the orchid is perhaps my favorite flower aside from the sunflower.  The absolute beauty and tranquility of the botanical garden enveloped me and reminded me that while I am not quite where I wish to be, I am healthy and no longer have toxicity in my life.  I am a lucky girl, who remembered today to breathe, smile and stop and smell the roses… or orchids.
















2 Responses to ““Sometimes only beauty can be trusted””
  1. You have such a beautiful way with words. The pictures are also so beautiful, especially of the beautiful lady on the bench. And ny mother has always wanted to grow those kinds of orchids.

  2. jordanleah says:

    Thanks for your kind words! That girl on the bench is me 🙂 Orchids are absolutely beautiful, I can definitely relate to your mother!!

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